D&B Hoovers: Empowering Businesses with Actionable Insights and Data Intelligence

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D&B Hoovers

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Access to accurate and comprehensive data is crucial for making informed decisions and driving growth. D&B Hoovers is a powerful business intelligence platform that provides businesses with actionable insights, industry-leading data, and advanced analytics capabilities. In this article, we will explore what D&B Hoovers is, its key features and functionalities, and its benefits to businesses seeking a competitive edge.

What is D&B Hoovers?

D&B Hoovers is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that combines the robust data of Dun & Bradstreet, a global leader in commercial data and analytics, with advanced analytics tools. It offers a vast database of company information, industry profiles, and market research reports, allowing businesses to gain deep insights into their target markets, competitors, and potential customers.

D&B Hoovers provides businesses with accurate and up-to-date information on millions of companies worldwide. It offers detailed company profiles, financial data, executive contacts, news, and industry analysis. With the platform, businesses can leverage the power of data intelligence to drive strategic decision-making, identify growth opportunities, and mitigate risks.

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3.95 (21 votes)

Key Features and Functionalities of D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers offers many features and functionalities to empower businesses with actionable insights and data intelligence. Let’s explore some of the features and functionalities.

Company and Industry Intelligence

D&B Hoovers provides comprehensive company profiles and industry reports. Businesses can access detailed company information, including financials, key executives, corporate hierarchy, and competitive landscape. Industry reports offer valuable insights into market trends, growth potential, and key players. This data empowers businesses to understand their target markets, identify potential customers, and make informed business decisions.

Advanced Search and Targeting

It offers advanced search capabilities, allowing businesses to refine their search criteria and identify specific target companies or industries. Users can filter companies based on location, industry, size, revenue, etc. This targeted approach helps businesses focus on the most relevant prospects and maximize their sales and marketing effectiveness.

Sales and Marketing Tools

D&B Hoovers provides robust sales and marketing tools to help businesses drive revenue growth. Users can access integrated sales intelligence, build targeted prospect lists, and create customized marketing campaigns. The platform also offers lead scoring and segmentation features, enabling businesses to prioritize leads and focus on high-value opportunities.

Relationship Mapping

The platform lets users visualize and understand the relationships between companies, key executives, and subsidiaries. The platform offers interactive org charts and relationship mapping tools, allowing businesses to identify key stakeholders, influencers, and decision-makers. This information helps build strategic partnerships, conduct effective account-based marketing, and expand business networks.

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

D&B Hoovers provides real-time alerts and notifications on companies, industries, and critical events. Users can set up custom alerts to stay updated on changes in financials, ownership, executive movements, news, and industry developments. This feature ensures businesses stay informed and can proactively respond to market changes, opportunities, and potential risks.

Benefits of D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking a competitive edge and driving growth. Let’s explore some of these benefits.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

It empowers businesses with rich and accurate business intelligence. The platform provides access to detailed company profiles, financial data, industry reports, and market research. This information enables businesses to understand their target markets, competitors, and customers, helping them make informed decisions and develop effective strategies.

Improved Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

With D&B Hoovers, businesses can streamline their sales and marketing efforts. The platform offers advanced search and targeting capabilities, enabling companies to identify and focus on the most promising prospects. Sales and marketing teams can leverage integrated intelligence, lead scoring, and segmentation tools to prioritize leads, personalize campaigns, and drive higher conversion rates.

Risk Mitigation

The platform helps businesses mitigate risks by providing access to accurate and timely information on companies’ financial health, credit ratings, legal records, and regulatory compliance. This information allows businesses to assess potential partners’ or customers’ creditworthiness and stability, reducing the risk of financial losses and fraudulent activities.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses can achieve a competitive advantage by leveraging D&B Hoovers’ comprehensive company profiles, industry reports, and market insights. They can identify market trends, monitor competitors, and spot emerging opportunities before their competitors do. This knowledge enables businesses to stay ahead of the competition and adapt their strategies to changing market dynamics.

Strategic Decision-Making

D&B Hoovers equips businesses with data-driven insights to support strategic decision-making. The platform provides access to real-time data, news, and alerts, allowing companies to monitor market changes, industry developments, and critical events. This information enables informed decision-making, helps businesses identify growth opportunities, and supports long-term business planning.


D&B Hoovers is a powerful business intelligence platform that empowers businesses with actionable insights, comprehensive company data, and advanced analytics capabilities. Businesses can stay ahead of a competitive edge by leveraging its key features, such as company and industry intelligence, advanced search and targeting, sales and marketing tools, relationship mapping, real-time alerts, drive revenue growth, mitigate risks, and make data-driven decisions. D&B Hoovers enables businesses to unlock the power of data intelligence, helping them navigate the complex business landscape and achieve sustainable growth in today’s competitive market.